Friday, December 14, 2007

Christmas lights dazzling -
deep in the beggar's cap
dull brown pennies


WorkingWords100 said...

So contrasting!

Jim Tantillo said...

nice one, John.

Poet-in-Residence said...

May I publish this one and possibly a couple of others of yours on my Poet-in-Residence blogspot in the lead up to Xmas?
As Jem hinted it's a bit Dylanesque but more wonderful for it. It's one of my favourites on here.
It's very good and deserves a wider circulation. Pun unintended!
Best, Gwil.

John McDonald said...

you do me an honour go ahead Gwil

Poet-in-Residence said...

Thanks John. The honour's all mine.
I've taken this and 3 others. They're now on poet-in-residence blogspot.