Thursday, January 17, 2008

Barcelona Airport in January

black & yellow cabs
stop pick-up and go -
swift as bees in summer


WorkingWords100 said...

Nice images.

Is it warm there right now?

Poet-in-Residence said...

Get out of the sea breeze and it's quite ok. About 16 C. Oranges on the trees. Lovely sight!
We were there for a week. Great place plus Gaudi, Picasso, etc.

jem said...

Really good - that colour connection formed a really strong link between the two images.

Poet-in-Residence said...

Indeed Jeb. There's a huge car park around the corner from the main airport entrance where countless yellow & black cabs wait in regimented lines.
An official by means of hand signs and whistles, rather like a New York cop controls events and flings the cabs into bursts of action; it all unfolds like a swarm of bees leaving a hive to seek their pollen everytime a plane lands, which is about every 5minutes. Never saw anything like it!