Monday, January 21, 2008

quietly falling
each one unique


Poet-in-Residence said...

I hope your snowflakes don't fall on my fire salamander. It would be the death of him.
Perhaps he's already found a new sleeping place. Let's hope so.
There don't seem to be as many fire salamanders around as there used to be. They were very scarce last year.

Sandy said...

I remember as a child there were many horny toads here in Texas and now there are none.

I also have a pet frog and he has only hibernated for about three days this winter...strange. I've heard others saying the amphibians are not hibernating normally. I've even seen geckos running around outside.

I too hope your fire salamander has found a nice protected spot for his winter rest.

The world is changing...that is for sure.


Ashi said...

Lovely and accurate.

Sandy said...

Thank you very much, Ashi.